August 09, 2015

Winter Race Results for Club members

Over winter we've had a few club members brave the temperatures and smash out some races...

Ironman Cairns;

Jay Weston became the latest member of the Ironman club when he completed Ironman Cairns. For those unaware the distances are 3.8km swim, 180km bike & 42.2km run. Jay's splits were 1.17.57 swim 5.50.43 cycle and an impressive 4.20.48 run for a total time of 11.39.44. Well done Jay, welcome to the club!! (check the Roll of Honour tab for other club members in the Ironman group.) 

Victoria Duathlon series Race 1 - 5km run 20km bike & 3km run;

Alex Evans 59.42 - 3rd in age group.

Stewart Scoble 1.08.52.

Rebecca Beagley 1.10.00.

Geoff Webb 1.12.04.

Adele Garwood 1.17.45 - 2nd in age group.

2km run 10km bike & 1km run; 

Spencer Evans 33.35.

Amelia Evans 34.42.

Alice Webb 42.39.

Race 2.    5km run 20km bike & 3km run;

Alex Evans 1.00.46.- 3rd in age group

Stewart Scoble 1.08.57.

Rebecca Beagley 1.10.26.

Sharon Baker 1.12.21.

Geoff Webb 1.14.12.

Adele Garwood 1.18.37 - 3rd in age group.

2km run 10km bike & 1km run;

Spencer Evans 32.05.

Amelia Evans 33.31 - 2nd in age group

.Alice Webb 41.07.

Thanks to Landlord for the updates.