November 23, 2015

Challenge Shepparton Club Member results

We had a fantastic showing at Shepparton last weekend! We had many great times and a heap of members participate over the whole weekend. Shepparton again proved why it is one of the must do races each year! Congrats to Shepparton for a great weekend.

Results for the 1.9km swim / 90km ride / 21.1km run;

Todd Cody - 4:26:30

Paul Buncle - 5:36:50

Len Copper - 6:24:22

Amy Hando - 6:14:45

Trev Watchman - 4:51:30

David Meade - 4:11:16  (1st in his Age Group)

Nathan Meade - 4:12:14 (1st in his Age Group)

Matt Dee - 5:13:47

Beth Lavery - 6:12:59

Alex Trantor - 7:31:13

Marcus Brown - 4:51:06

Shai O'Brien - 4:55:39 (1st in her Age Group - 1st time racing this longer distance too!)

Adele Garwood - DNF had an injury during the race, hope you're recovering well Adele

Mark Anderson - 6:48:31

Gav Fiedler - 5:42:21

Xavier Meade - 4:57:17 (2nd in his Age Group - 1st time racing this longer distance also!)

Results for the "Hexman" - 633m swim / 30km ride / 7km run;

Murray Hyde - 1:45;50

Craig Sloan  - 1:32:29 (1st in Age Group)

Tom Barkmeyer 1:24:26 (2nd OVERALL! And 1st in his Age Group)

Kevin Walsh - 1:37:07 (3rd in Age Group)

Aaron Semmons - 1:34:20

Jason Sim - 1:33:15 (1st in Age Group)

Darryn Ellis - 1:39:57 (2nd in Age Group)

There's also a few more members results we're chasing up, I will update these as i get them.

Congrats to all that raced, we certainly kept the podium busy during the day :)


*If we missed you or got your times wrong, shoot us a message and we will fix it up*