Bendigo Triathlon Club does not hold any sanctioned training sessions. There are many groups that train together on a regular basis, however these sessions are often word of mouth and meeting places/times are always changing. Our suggestion for new members, is to come along to one of our club triathlons and talk to other members or the committee. This is a great way to find a group that suits your ability. 

Swimming Training MON-WED-FRIDAY 6AM Bendigo East Pool

A friendly swimming group train together throughout the week. swimming can be daunting for some but the best way to improve is "swim more laps." There is a lane for all abilities. (don't be scared the c lane is for soCial)

Others train on a regular basis at Crusoe Reservoir and again @ Bendigo East Pool Tuesday & Thursday.

These are often word of mouth sessions. Contact club stallwald Nick Walsh for details on 0418 509 256.

Running Training

Landlord and Todd conduct there running for any level of athlete every Wednesday night Lake Weeroona at 6pm.

Thease are training sessions not coaching; all the same if you require advice they love to share what they know.

Please contact Todd Foster if you would like more info.

A Friday morning group runs 7.7kms at 6am from Max Bakery. Contact Nick Walsh 0418 509 256.

Mel Wilkie runs the poular womens specific running groups and a great way to get in shape.

For more information please contact Mel at:  or phone 0438548092.

Riding Training

Many of our members ride with already established groups coordinated by the cycling community. There are several

groups that cater for all abilities that leave from the Sternberg Street roundabout on Saturday mornings.

For details contact Eddie Barkla

There are also many Tri groups that leave from Max Bakery and from between 7- 8, Beginers, Vetrens to evan a high

level group that can sometimes train up to 180km on a Saturday morning. Whatever your level why not finish your ride

with a coffee and cake!

Bendigo Tri bunchs generally finnish around the same times between 9:30 & 10:30 @ Max Bakery!

Mel Wilkie runs three womens specific running groups:

Monday night 6:15pm at Lake Weeroona we have a speed session for the runner who wants to improve their overall speed.  Format:  Warm-up together.  Speed set, hills or other at own pace.  Warm-down and stretch together.

Wednesday 6am at Lake Weeroona.  Wed has groups that run for 1hr and 2hrs and also cater for those wanting to gradually increase from 30min-1hr and 1hr-2hrs

Friday now has a tempo run at 6am with distances ranging from 6-10km.

 - Ask Mel about the next available session 

For more information please contact Mel at:  or phone 0438548092.

Discount given to current Bendigo Triathlon Club Members.

We specialise in customised triathlon and multisport training programs. Tailored to the individual. Our unique and holistic approach uses a blend of various training techniques, both new and traditional, with the right nutrition strategies, strength & conditioning, equipment & gear selection. We provide the athlete with the correct strategies and training to help ensure they are mentally focused, physically prepared, ready to achieve their goals.


Most members will know David Meade, one of the most consistent triathlon racers in the country, a multiple top ten professional Ironman finisher and winner of numerous state and national titles. Our club is not only fortunate to have David as a long standing member but fortunate that he is so willing to offer advice on what can seem to be a complex sport. Here's a couple of tips from Dave:

Designing a Program


  1. You MUST enjoy every session
    Organise group rides/runs/ swim sessions 
    Run your favourite course
    If you like to train hard train hard, or easy
    You are out there too long if you are not enjoying it!
    In order to move to Rule no.2 you must satisfy Rule no.1 (above)
  2. Consistency
    No use training 25hrs a week if it only lasts four weeks!
    Its total mileage over years that leads to improvements
    In order to be consistent you must have a realistic training program
    Design a program based on four key areas 1) Family 2) Work 3) Rest 4) Training
    Work out what hours are left after 1/2/3, it might be 6hrs it might be 20hrs, always make training number 4!
  3. Don't become an individual, develop a team around you
    BIG TIP: (Especially to newcomers) Don't live and breath the sport, focus on a balanced lifestyle

Key sessions that work for David Meade Ironman :


1) Aerobic run. Should be able to talk comfortably while running, under 70% MHR. Run at least 40mins up to 2hr 30mins if possible.

2) Strength endurance. Same intensity as Aerobic except over hills.

3) If racing duathlons/cross country, introduce a session where you are running @ anaerobic threshold eg.;

Mona Intervals
3 x 2min AT - 2mins rest (jog/walk)
3 x 1min AT - 1min rest
3 x 30sec AT - 30sec rest
3 x 15sec AT - 15sec rest

Alternate weeks with
Motram Session
3 x 4 1/2 mins @AT - 6mins rest

1) Aerobic ride, same principal as run. 1 1/2hrs - 6hrs easy
2) Strength session - hills
3) Power session - 3 x 8mins in a bigger gear than you race in. Stay seated, preferably in TT position, 5 min rest between. Be sure to warm up and cool down.

1) Aerobic Swim 200's - 500's
2) Swim drills - focus on technique, it is the most important aspect of swimming
3) 50's on 1 minute (gets you used to race starts)


- Have two pairs of goggles, race and training
- If buying a wetsuit buy a long sleeve, definitely quicker. May feel restrictive a first but worth the effort
- Don't panic at the race start swim, your heart rate will go up put wont stay up
- Swim on someone's feet, like you would draft on the bike in training

- GET AERO! Experiment with your position and get as aero and comfortable as possible
- Inflate your tyres to maximum pressure when racing
- If you are in the market for a bike buy a TT bike, ask for advise, Call David
- If you are looking to buy race wheels there is only one brand to look for ZIPP! A pair of second hand Zipps will be better than most new wheels of a different brand

- Use Race flats (light weight runners designed for racing)
- Race with Coke in your water bottle (bike)
- Hydrate well leading up to race day
- Work out what's is best for you to eat before racing and stick to it

As you can see David has a wealth of knowledge and is keen to share it with our members. David attends most club races, if you would like to speak to David please email your details to the club and we will pass them on to him. Advice like this can save you time and money while getting the most out of the hours you spend training.

Don't hesitate to ask for advice from any of our experienced members, as David says, ' Learn from the mistakes of others'.

Beginners Tips and Basic Rules